Friday, July 12, 2013

Fabric Friday!

I haven't done this in quite awhile, so I thought we should do this again.  I know Stampin' Up! has discontinued the awesome super fat quarters.  But I'd bet at least some of you have some stashed away, especially those scored from the Clearance Rack awhile ago for $0.99 a pack!  Anyhow, I had done a cell phone carrier thing last year.  But ever since I've had my new phone, I've been wanting to make another one that fits, plus a little pocket to fit a license and a $20, for when I'm running out the door as a chauffeur.  Let me show you what I made first, then I'll tell you a story.
Left: Front                                           Right: Back
The tutorial I started with is from HERE.  Of course, now with a year's sewing experience under my belt, I thought I can be more creative and make modifications with ease.  Boy, was I wrong.  Luckily, these things are quick projects, so it was easy to whip up another.  My phone has a super protector on it, so it's a little fat.  And the original tutorial didn't have a pocket that I wanted.  Then I remembered when I made this last year, with a layer of long batting, that you then fold over, the bottom was a bit thick.  I figured I'd make it as 2 separate pieces.  Long story shorter, here's some lessons I learned:

1. ALWAYS try to follow the tutorial as closely as possible.  I've mentioned this before, but why I don't listen to myself, I don't know.
2. Sew pocket onto back piece first.
3. Cut 2 pieces of batting, so that there's no batting towards the bottom (or middle, since you're folding it over).
4. Don't forget to pin your tab on, before starting to sew.
5. MEASURE!  I kinda eyeballed, and it's a bit tight.  But I guess it turned out alright, since the phone won't fall out, and the credit card/license won't fall out either, with the fabric stretched taut.

If you must know the size of fabric pieces I used, they're about 4" x 11", with 1/4" seam, topstitched as close to the edge as possible.

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