Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello Lattice!

Look what came in the mail for me?
This is from a good friend that I met through Stampin' Up!  Her name is June Lee.  No, we're not related, and we live on opposite coasts.  But Stampin' has brought us together.  We often chat on FB encouraging each other and inspire each other.  Most recently, June made a set of cards for me for the fundraiser I'm working on.  She is just fabulous!  June doesn't keep up with a regular blog, because she actually has a job (gasp, I know!).  But June is just super super talented.  I have begged her to please at least keep a photo journal of her cards.  Maybe we should start a campaign to get June to do that, what do you think?  You can see some of her work HERE.

It's another month, which means our monthly Blog Hop time.  It's coming on Thursday.  So, remember to check back!!!

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