Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mystery Wines Rosettes

Are these not the cutest or prettiest mystery wine covers you've seen???  Haha.  I actually had a lot of fun making these for the first time.

Close-up and focused this time:
I find the best way of making these rosettes is by Heather Summers, complete with a video.
Here's what I learned from making these:
1. Cut a strip of DSP, width equals the desired diameter of rosette.
2. I scored on one side of the paper at 1/2" interval.
3. Flip paper over, then score at 1/4" and 3/4" each inch all the way down.
4. Now cut the paper in half, length-wise.  Now the width of the strips should be half the diameter of the rosette.
5. Fold the papers, cut off the last 1/4".
6. Use Crop-a-Dile or an equivalent hole punch, and punch a small hole on one end of the paper (see video).
7. Use Sticky Strip and glue one end of each strip together.
8. Use a threader (needle or dental floss) and thread a piece of twine through the holes.  Pull taut and tie.
9. Use Sticky Strip and glue the other end together.
10. Use hot glue to stick anything you want on top.

The larger of the two rosettes you see here is what happens when I didn't punch holes and use the twine. They were almost unmanageable, like they had a mind of their own, LOL.

I also made some tags to put on the bottles.  I saw these on Mary Fish's blog not too long ago, and I thought they were very easy to make.  I used Two-Tags Die and 1 3/8" Circle punch, and rounded the corners.

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