Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tag a Bag

Here's another project I brought back from Convention this summer.  You know, I must confess.  Whenever I see kits in the catalog, I usually skip right past them.  I always figured I could use materials I have to create the same things.  Problem #1: I NEVER create anything remotely close to those projects.  Problem #2: I am not creative enough to think outside of box.  One of the many perks of going to the convention, was that I learned to use kits to not only make my creative life easier, I also learned ways to use kits beyond what they originally were created for.

Here is a Tag a Bag Gift Bag, as intended.  You can find the bags on page 158 of the Annual Catalog.
Here is the same flat bag, with 3 score lines, create a standing sack.
How cool is that?!!!  I was totally giddy when I made this.  Score 1" from edge on the long sides.  Score 1 1/2" from bottom, horizontally.  Cut the 2 lines from the bottom to the horizontal score line.  Fold and tape bottom shut with glue or Washi tape.  Fill bag with goodies and decorate.

The stamp set used here is this year's Ronald McDonald stamp set, Tag It.  The entire image is from one stamp.  I used markers to color the individual components.  Everything comes from the Tag a Bag Bundle.  Pretty nifty, eh?

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