Friday, January 20, 2012

Stampin' Up! Leadership

There's no card to share today... we were snowed in; then power went out.  We had to escape from our quickly-becoming-freezing house, onto unplowed streets, and seek refuge at inlaws'.  Thank goodness they had power.  But I didn't grab my external drive that has all my pics.  Therefore no cards.  But what's worse, is I am only 5min (on a normal day) away from my stampin' supplies!  Argh!!!!

Well, in lieu of a card or two to share, I've decided to share some highlights from Stampin' Up!'s Facebook Fan Page of Leadership Convention that's going on right now.  I actually qualified to go, mere one year after signing up as a demonstrator.  But, family circumstances prevented me from going.  But then again, flights are cancelled out of our airport this week, so I think my travel plans would have been derailed anyways.  I'm glad to be stuck with my family this week instead. :)

Sorry about the rambling.  HERE's a Happy Dance video with the announcement of a Diagonal Tool for the Simply Scored scoring board!!!!!!  Oh, I'm so excited.  According to reports, it'll cost $11USD, and available for ordering starting 3/1/12!

Prize Patrol is getting ready for an all attendee giveaway:
Man, I wish I was there.  Have heard wonderful things about these prize patrols!
To see more, go to Stampin' Up!'s Fan Page on Facebook.

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